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          XuZhou FuKang doors &windows Co., Ltd was founded in October, 2002. It is an expert corporation engaging in producing, installing and selling plastics-steel serial doors and windows, aluminium alloy doors and windows, and light steel doors and windows. Our corporation is a technical one expert at inventing, designing, producting and installing. We possess many necessary national license for producing, constructing license in Jiangsu Province etc, which entitle us to undertake large scale construction work. Advanced and adequate producing line and checking equipment, strict technology means are the necessary requirements to undertake large scale, precise and high-grade doors and windows construction work; the enterprise conception of taking people as basis, making use of resource basing on its property, designing meticulously, selecting resource strictly are the guarantees for high quality and high speed; communicating with national and aborad corporations, suggesting and expanding constructing materials with high technology are the golden keys for our enterprise keeping at leading technology; pushing the development of doors and windows,increasing product grade to get to advanced level in the world are our purchasing goals.

          The construction works our corporation undertook and completed successfully are The very Best Building about double glass, Ying Hotel (Five stars Hotel) about double glass, No 21 Building in Pi country City Garden, the office building and workshop of Jin Shan Qiao loading automobile factory in Xuzhou Project &Engine Group, the project in China University of Mining and Technology, the project of Pi country City tobacco edifice etc. The series of our products can be divided into aluminium alloy doors and windows, plastics-steel serical doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, no frame ground single or double acting door, electronic inductive doors, rotary doors, automatic remote control louver, all kinds of automatic remote control doors and windows etc.

          Quality is devoir, exploit is pioneer, and the personnel of Fu Kang treat every craftwork, every door, every window, and every project with sincere desire. We do excellent and outstanding job in the architecture industry.

          Every person should be responsible for all the doors & windows all over the world. Fu Kang will
          receive new challenges in admirable heroic bearing.

          All rights reserved:XuZhou FuKang Doors&Windows Co.,Ltd  Tel:0516-83891992 83910855 82110202
          Add:NO.8TaiShan Road XuZhou JiangSu CHINA  Code:221008  Fax:0516-83891992 Phone:13852159987
          Technical support:Xuzhou E company Network
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